Booking West Midland Escorts is my Escape


I can’t forget the horror on my wife’s face after I told her that our daughter is pregnant. Our daughter is only eighteen years of age which is very young. At first, I did not want to show my wife after I found out about my daughter’s pregnancy because I am sure she would panic. My daughter is our only child, and we put all our hopes and dreams to her. She told me that she got pregnant by one of her classmates after she got drunk at a party one night. I love my daughter so much and to hear this terrible need from her is very bad for me.

I can feel that I nearly got a heart attack after she told me. I do not want to blame my daughter because I know it was my mistake too. It was my fault that I did not take proper care of her. I thought that I was a good father, but it turns out I am wrong. My wife was intensely furious at our child. She could not accept the news. I feel bad for her because she was just like me, she had many hopes and dreams for our child. The past couple of months was very stressful and tense in the house. I think that my wife never forgave our child for what she had done.

I do everything to help my daughter, but her depression is getting worst and worst. After the sixth months, our daughter gave birth to a premature baby. Her baby later dies in the hospital. We all are very frustrated and sad at the same time. My daughter was unfortunate after her failed labor she tried committing suicide once. Thankfully I had bought her in the act. After I caught my daughter committing suicide, I wanted to die myself. I do not know what more I can do to keep my family strong. My family is the only thing I have, and I can feel it falling apart.

I can’t do it much longer I needed some help, I was very depressed and tired, so I started drinking my alcohol. It’s not bad, but I can’t take the hangover in the morning. I got very tempted to use the drug at some point. Thankfully I Do not knew anybody that deals with drugs. My wife does not talk to me anymore, so I booked a West Midland escort. I booked a West Midland escort fromĀ behind her back because I do not know what to do, I am very desperate for help, and no one is helping me. West Midland escorts took away all of my stress and worries.


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