I went shopping with some of my friends from Earls Court escorts

Supermarkets are making a really big deal about what they call Wonky Veg. They say that people do not buy strange looking vegetables. I am not so sure that is true, and I have never really worried about it. I am pretty sure that it is the supermarkets who have told growers that they need a certain size and stuff like that, not the people. When I dash down to my local supermarket after finish at Earls Court escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/earls-court-escorts, I don’t think about the size of things at all and I am sure most people and other shoppers don’t neither.

On occasion I do worry about the size of things when I am at Earls Court escorts but outside of work, I refuse to think about stuff like that. They say that customers control the retail experience but I am not so sure that is true. If customers controlled the retail experience, we would not be left with so much stuff selling cheap. You don’t need to go into a grocery store to find that out. Department stores seem to have the same problem, and they are always left with a lot of surplus stock.

The other day I went shopping with some of my friends from Earls Court escorts, and I got about £100 worth of clothes for about £30. It was silly, they had all of this stuff they had clearly been left over from product lines which had not been selling too well. Some of the stuff was okay, but it really made you wonder why they had ordered some of the stuff. A lot of it just looked like it was there to fill shelves. I am not sure if that is the kind of retail experience that people are looking for when they go into a store.

When I go shopping with my friends from Earls Court escorts I want to buy things which I need or that I am going to look great in. The truth is that a lot of shops are full of stuff that we don’t want and I cannot think of any sane person who would want to buy this stuff unless it was very cheap. Personally, I think that shows that customer do not control the retail experience at all, and that it is buyers who try to control us. It is a bit like saying this is what you can have.

I know that it cannot be easy to find the right stuff to put in stores. For instance, we girls here at Earls Court escorts buy a lot of lingerie. It must be really hard to get the mix of lingerie right in a store. I don’t understand why buyers don’t divide lingerie up in between every day stuff and fantasy. That is how I think of my lingerie, and I have a funny feeling that many other ladies think of lingerie in the same way as well. After all, sometimes we like to dress up, and other times you just need a pair of cotton knickers.

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