Sugar Daddies on the High Seas

Are you the sort of girl who likes to go cruising? I did not realise how much I would love cruising until one of the girls at London escorts suggested that we go. We both fancied a bit off a summer holiday, and my friend had been on several cruises.  I though cruising was kind of for older people, but to my surprise, you got a really good mix on the cruise ship that we went on. Since that first cruise, I must admit that I got kind of hooked on cruising for my holidays.


How to Find a Cruise Sugar Daddy


After I had left London escorts, I got seriously into cruising. I did a couple of cruises on my own, and realised that I wanted to do more cruises. Cruising really was my kind of holiday and I felt like doing more. However, cruising on your own is not a lot of fun, and I was really desperate to find a cruise companion. One of the girls at London escorts made me laugh when she told me to find a cruise Sugar Daddy. But, I will let you in on a secret, there are lots of men who are happy to be Cruise Sugar Daddies. If you would like to find one, just join one of the major Sugar Babe sites.


What Can a Cruise Sugar Daddy Do for You?


I was not really sure what a cruise sugar daddy could do for me, so I decided to do some research into the benefits of having a Cruise Sugar Daddy. It turned out that my friend at London escorts was right, lots of men were looking for Sugar Babes, and most of them were even happy to pay for the cruise. I was surprised as I thought that most of them would ask their companions to stay in the same cabin as them, but they did not. Many of them also offered spending money up to a certain value, and to the fly you to the port the cruise departs from. I could not believe it.


Setting Up a Profile


I stopped and thought about it for a moment. It sounded great, but I did not want a Sugar daddy when I came back to London. Writing up my profile was going to be a little bit tricky, but after having checked out a couple of different profiles, I sort of got the hang of it. I did not mention that I had worked for a London escorts in my profile. Instead I mentioned that I was a beauty blogger and at the same time, I talked about my cruise experience.


My Cruise Sugar Daddy


It did not take me very long to find a Cruise Sugar Daddy. He lived in London and was 64 years old. I thought it was a little bit old at first, but thought back about my days at London escorts. Most gents I had dated at the escort agency in London had been a little bit more mature and were rather young for their age. Brian, my Cruise Sugar Daddy, turned out to be one of the youngest and loveliest men that I had ever met.  We spent a couple hours talking about cruising and it was a bit like falling in love. It is now three years later, and Brian and I are still cruising together. It has just worked out great.

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