Why can’t they accept my partner


My family does not approve of my new partner. To me he is absolutely everything but my family doesn’t like him at all. The honest truth is that I am not seeking their approval and I am not afraid of their bullying tactics. Some of my friends from Croydon escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/croydon-escorts say that things might get difficult later on in the relationship when the family does need to spend time together, but I think they need to learn how to be much more tolerant towards others.

I am not the black sheep of my family, but I did move away from home at an early age. School wasn’t for me so I started my own business and became successful. I don’t mind sharing my cash and have always helped out my family a lot. But now, it is time for me and my new partner. We are not young anymore and we are planning some special holidays … perhaps my family would rather I spent the money on them?

I can’t see why some people find it so hard to accept other cultures, and I am talking about my own family here. They have always lived very sheltered lives whilst I have traveled the world. In the last few years, I have been working as a site manager for a construction company in India, and during my time there I fell in love with my girlfriend. She is a beautiful Indian girl that I met at Croydon escorts and we really love each other. The problem is that my family doesn’t| approve of my partner, and it really annoys me. They are so closed minded that they believe all Indian girls come from poor backgrounds and work in restaurants. Nothing could be further from the truth and my new| girl friend is a doctor. She has managed to get a job in a private hospital in London.

For some reason she still does not live up to my family expectations and I don’t know what to do about it. Of course, I would like my family to love the woman that I love but I realize that may never happen. However, it has really upset my new partner and she now wants to return to India. She says that she is missing the sense of family and I can understand how she feels. To be honest, I am missing her family as well who welcomed me with open arms.

The fact is that my girlfriend and I could easily move back to India, and live our lives over there. Her family is really nice and I enjoy spending time together with them. They would just love for us to live over there and I think I might just enjoy take pleasure in that. I have told my family that would mean that they would have to come out to India and visit their grandchildren. They seemed a bit shocked stunned at that statement at first.


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